Ben and Siya’s Top 5 List… OF LISTS!

Lists are dope. If only there was some simple and repeatable way to demonstrate this, an example a reader could easily follow and reference for later use…  Hmm, I’m sure we’ll think of something! There’s lots of reasons why you need nifty lists (especially to start your week, your fall, your football season, expansion of your content-fillers on your blog, or filling out your parenthesis game). But what exactly makes lists so great? Let’s make a list to demonstrate!

  1. They help organize.
  2. They break down larger concepts.
  3. They’re easy to digest.

See, wasn’t that fun? You know what’s even more fun? Making a list of LISTS. So we did that! Together we’ve compiled the undisputed (heavily disputed) Top 5 List of Lists that impact your everyday life. Our rules were simple:

  1. To qualify, an entry must be a list.
  2. All lists must be practical and have every day usage.
  3. The lists must be usable by you, the listmaker.

There were lots of lists that could have made our Top 5 List of Lists, but for one reason or another they just didn’t quite make the cut. So in their honor, here’s a few Honorable Mention Lists in a list:

The Terminator List
Very helpful if you’re an assassin cyborg from the future sent back in time to quash a human rebellion, but not so helpful if you’re just a normal dude.

Emergency Contact List
Technically doesn’t count because it’s not a list you use. It’s a list your employer digs out of your HR file when you choke on a donut during a meeting.

The Constitution
Again, great list, but it’s not a list you made, and we’ve got a lot of love for our international audience.

Your Will
A very practical list, but at the end of the day it’s just a compiling of where you want your shit to go when you’re dead. Not a very fun list!

NSA Watch List
Hello, we are good upstanding citizens who love The United States of America. Please don’t add us.

Schindler’s List
An incredible, heartbreaking film, but (hopefully) not a list humanity will ever need again.

Allergy Label List
Undoubtedly, an important list, but is it a TOP 5 list? We say no. Then again, we don’t go into anaphylactic shock anytime we accidentally consume a peanut.

The Magna Carta Holy Grail Track List
Not even a good album, TBH. But technically a list you could use. (Keyword: COULD.)

So here we are! You now know WHY lists are necessary. You also now know HOW lists are formed. You also now know WHAT does not constitute a necessary list, however noteworthy. That said, here’s the quintessential list of lists for your survival in business, health, and general human aliveness:

5.) The Bucket List* (*Ben Objects)
*[Ben’s Note: We’ll get to my objection later on, but long story short, I’m pretty sure this is just a subset of a different, more important type of list.]

This story looks familiar; black man (Morgan Freeman) explaining life-spanning concept only to be mocked by white friend (Jack Niklaws):

Kicking the bucket” is an old English idiom for different routes to death. Whether it be because there was holy water in the bucket to splash you into the afterlife, or any other explanation, this is a list of things to be done before death. The ONLY paramater is ‘before death’. So… “climb Mt. McKinley Denali” BEFORE DEATH. Visit the Pyramids… not those pyramids, the other pyramids, BEFORE DEATH. Yes, there’s other pyramids, geez, you really need to live. Might we (just Siya) suggest a “Bucket List”?

4.) The Celebrity Exception List
As seen on Friends!
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Throwback Thursday: Fresh Prince 25th Anniversary

Today marks the 25th Anniversary of Jaden’s Dad’s coming of age.  West Philadelphia was too small for him, and he took a cab… ALL THE WAY to Bel-Air. There, in time, he became KING! Sorry, that’s T.I.P. comin live from the V.I.P. Will Smith, however became the FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR. He told the story better:

Humpday Hymn: Will Smith – “Switch”

We know you thought of him mainly as Jaden Smith’s dad. That he is, and lucky to be. But, before the underrated masterpiece that was “After Earth”, Mike Lowry was breakin em off Big Willie Style.  What’s that? Hand claps? Got it, Hymn time it is, Jaden’s dad!

Watch The “Suicide Squad” Trailer And Go Slightly Psycho

Fresh off the heels of his Dallas Buyer’s Club Oscar Win, Jared Leto is joined by an all-star cast featuring Jaden Smith‘s Dad, Cara DeleThoughtSheWasJustASuperModel,  and Ben please-don’t-Affleck-up-Batman among others.  This won’t come out till Fall 2016, but the pull of Comic-Con, Marvel rackin up ALL the superhero blockbuster glory, and general excitement for this twisted tail featuring the re-introduction of The Joker was too much for adrenaline junkie David Ayers to resist giving us a peek.  Peep the gritty and nightmare inducing trailer here. Dare ya not to replay it:

What Gives Kanye The Biggest Smile, But Makes Woody Harrelson Lose His Erection?

That’s not a click-bait title! Because, the answer lies directly within that lil square you’re about to press play on down there. When David Blaine performs his witchcraft, its usually about the defiance of physics. But, we’ve seen Harrison Ford kick him out of his home when things went too far for his taste.

This time, he visits Jaden Smith’s family, Kanye West (who is for some divine reason hangin out with Woody Harrelson – I’d watch just THAT show), and those guys from Breaking Bad (which I’ve not see a single shot off for some reason). Woody Harrelson’s reaction is – as the title suggests – “well I just lost my erection entirely”. That’s the punchline, but the build-up and foreplay is the real… meat here. If seeing the rare mythical creature that is a Kanye smile is your thing, watch this and lose it like everyone does at the plot-twist:

Throwback Thursday: DJ Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince – “Summertime”

“Time to sit back and unwind”

This is it. The quintessential summer song on the first week of the summer. As far as throwbacks go, it doesn’t get more throwback than this. No throwback list does NOT include this. I’m pretty sure it was released as a throwback jam even back in ’91. This jam embodies the fine line between pool party and chill.

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We Are Not Qualified To Question Jaden Smith’s Dress, Neither Are You.

“Will Smith’s Son Photographed Wearing A Dress”.

THAT’s the current TOP Facebook Trend. The fact that its followed by “South Carolina Police Shooting of Unarmed Black Man” is not the problem here. Well, at least not for the purpose of this particular post.

The problem is that this assumes Jaden Smith is the son of Will Smith, just because Will Smith fathered him. This also implies Jaden was being photographed, when its just as likely that the camera may have been photographed by Jaden himself.  Still with me here? If I lost you, Continue reading We Are Not Qualified To Question Jaden Smith’s Dress, Neither Are You.