Turnip Tuesday: 2 Chainz – “Riot”

Once Tity Boi, he evolved and re-introduced himself with the newly coined and now ubiquitous moniker; 2 Chainz. For today’s special Election-Edition Tuesday Turnip, we commemorate this evolution and the ensuing riot from the silent majority…with “RIOT”


FY Friday: Yo Gotti – “Down In The DM”

Dope tribute to UGK’s Grammy-Winning “International Player’s Anthem” video. If you’re new to the lingo – the “DM”s is the “direct message” section of social media sites. It’s usually public and 1-to-1 communique. As expected, it goes down in there and this cameo-riddled, hilariously scripted video treatment. Cameo count: (Reverend) Cee-Lo, (groomsman) MGK, Slim Jimmi (bachelor party), YG (bachelor party), DJ Khaled (marriage counselor).


Monday Mood: Mick Jenkins – “Your Love”

“Have a Dream in New Orleans, Fall in love in Chicago”

Why do I get the feeling this song is more about drugs? Hear me out here. The shiny shoes and everything around Mick shining indiscriminately? Check. That stolen borrowed line about a New Orleans dream, and Chicago love? Then when all this “dreamy $hit” occurs (featuring a drive-by shooting harmoniously transitioning to a disco), all his home boys fall out and pass out… YEA…. that’s drugs, boys-n-girls…or love – both have unintended illusions and side-effects. SCARY $HIT!

Watch J.J. Watt And Kevin Durant Hilariously Distract Fans’ Life Goals!

“Everyone needs a champ” is the title of this campaign. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and a great way for your sports heroes to show some love back to the 3-5 lucky few of you American Family Insurance picked.  Maybe I’m just being sinister on this Tuesday, but all I saw was “nice concentration on that dance routine, AMANDA – hope you don’t blow it when your heroes bang on the window of your dance studio! OOPS“.  Or maybe, “skate, skate, skate, KRYSTAL – now don’t freak out and crash into your teammates when J.J. Giant trolls you then chases RUSTY down for 26 miles straight

It’s either that or whatever the intended message was. Check the short clip out for yourself:

Turnip Tuesday: Kanye West – “All Day” (Live At The Brit Awards)

Two Reasons to TURN UP to this:

If you can’t wrap your mind around that yet, it’s okay. Have some coffee or O.J. to wash it down… ALL DAY!

Now, GET LOW: 

Does This Police Chase Stop Her Turn Up? Watch And See!

As the philosopher Dave Chappelle once asked White America: “If you get pulled over, wouldn’t you want to turn the radio down? Nobody wants to get their ass beat to a soundtrack“.  While it took a while, it turns out Dave was wrong. When fellow theorist Lil Jon asked “Turn Down For What” in a follow-up years later, this young go-getter answers NOTHING… even after a high-speed chase with LAPD. Whoo. Because when Future and Drake ask “Where yo ass was at?” To her… she will emphatically reply as she does in this amazing video: