Watch A LIT Collection of Footage From That BET White House Party Chappelle Was Talkin About… Featuring Brad Cooper!

If you happen to live under a rock, you missed Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue – which has been coined one of the best ever. In the last 2 minutes of that, he tells a heartwarming story of a BET party, the White House… and Bradley Cooper?
Just let Dave tell it at the  9-minute mark:

Some may have wondered if this was just Chappelle hyperbole to make a point… well “Dave, you got your Block Party, I got my Block Party”:

Usher has been sort of a lingerer at the White House and the Cavs locker room, respectively. What DOES Usher DO? Anyway, just let him cover James Brown:

In the most neck-hair-raising performance of the night, Miss Yolanda Adams and Comm Sense sing Selma’s “GLORY”. Warning, these vocals are not for the faint at soul:

Nothing to see here, just Barack Hussein him damn self electric slidin the end of the party with Samuel L. Jackson to Al Green’s “Love & Happiness”:

After the party it’s the after-party and… Somewhere in that sea of black beauty is Bradley Cooper Swag Surfin as well:

OPE… there goes Usher again at the after-party. Seriously, WHAT DOES that guy DO?

Oh yea, he also said a buncha stuff, and Miss Jilly from Philly performed if you wanna see that:

Who did this? Internet, you’re on time-out ONCE AGAIN. We can’t enjoy ONE moment without you ruining it. I’M OUT

Thanks, Obama

Throwback Thursday: Usher – “U Don’t Have To Call”

Contrary to popular belief it’s not “I’m gon’ be yo ride” but, instead “I’m gon’ be ALRIGHT“…
No? Just me then? Okay cool.

Throwback Thursday: Isley Brothers – “Busted” (Ft. JS)

Go Upstairs, pack ya bags
While ya at it, call a cab!

Long before pals R.Kelly and Usher discovered they were messing with the “Same Girl“, the Pied Piper had a less friendly rival in Mr. Biggs (aka Ron Isley). The two R&B Legends battled in an epic multi-album back and forth struggle of Shakespearean proportions  for the heart of one mystical “Ms. Black Asia”. This would reach its  violent climax culmination in a final epic “Showdown“. Before that final duel however, Mr. Biggs caught his not-so-slick hussy coming home from one of her nightly love escapades, and what ensued was the best soap-opera you’ll see condensed into a music video… BUSTED: