The Best Image Of This Super Bowl Weekend Had Nothing To Do With This Super Bowl…


The best image of the weekend is the posterchild for the saying “picture is worth a thousand words” It’s the most iconic retirement image of the year from none other than #BEASTMODE

It was supposed to be the retirement of a certain 2 Time Super bowl Champion QB ON THE OCCASION. But such a quarterback who shall remain nameless is feelin himself right now and bordering on Brett Favre diva levels of coy on the question.
It’s almost like he didn’t just have the worst quarterback rating and offensive yards in Super Bowl winners history. ANYWAY, this isn’t about him.

This image represents a GRACIOUS man of few words. Like their owner, when it comes to those whats on this photo, what you see is what you got.  Hanging up there they almost dare spectators “You know why I’m here“, and promise “I’m about that action!” ✌🏾️

As one teammate put it “wats understood ain’t gotta be explained…“.  So consider the following a history lesson for your kids, or nieces and nephews:
Those cleats carried the most explosive Continue reading The Best Image Of This Super Bowl Weekend Had Nothing To Do With This Super Bowl…


Midnight Snack: Frank Ocean – “You Are Luhh” (Aaliyah Cover)

Stop reading. It’s past 10:30. That’s bad for your optics. Cover your eyes, like the Ocean over Aaliyah’s memories of Isley eternal. Just press play/repeat.

Turnip Tribute: Aaliyah – “We Need A Resolution” (Ft. Timbaland)

Today marks the 14th Anniversary of a career cut FAR TOO SHORT. If you love to get “2 On” like Tinashe, hit that “1,2 Step” with Ciara, or are all about that “Single Ladies” classic (YEA, I SAID IT, BEY-HIVE. You don’t scare me) – you’re watching shadows of Ms. Hughton. Long before any of these one-name-superstars were poppin, Baby-girl was the gold-standard of finesse, feminism, and swagga that outmatched anyone in the room. Out of all the above comparisons, the best replica that can remind you of everything that Aaliyah was to music, pop culture, and a young fresh uncompromising swag is who Rihanna has grown into being.  For this turn up, her musical guide and mentor Timbaland lays the background for her to paint a perfect audio-visual picture on this ultimatum anthem.

Tribute To Late Night’s Greatest Curmudgeon, David Letterman

Curmudgeon – (definition) A crusty, ill-tempered, and usually old man.

He’s usually the disgruntled “get off my lawn” guy masterfully portrayed by Clint Eastwood in the dark comedy drama Gran Turino. (Also that one time he chastised an invisible chair he thought was President Obama for like 10 minutes , remember that crazy $hit?).

Thanks A Lot, OBAMA
Thanks A Lot, OBAMA

More comically, the curmudgeon is portrayed by Seinfeld co-creator Larry David in his everyday antagonistic mannerisms on splendid display throughout the legendary improv show “Curb Your Enthusiasm”, none of least being his refusal to give-up the wardrobe of an 8th grader.

I know I'm an adult, PHUCK YOU.
“I know I’m an adult, PHUCK YOU.”

“…Fracking.. I’m not smart enough to understand it. Here’s what I know…the greedy oil and gas…(begins ass-ripping)”

Dave found a way to make being senile or “stupid” as animal tricks intellectually funny.  The likes of Jon Stewart and his heir apparent, Stephen Colbert owe their entire shtick and comedic identity to Dave.  The spitballs of truth from the back of America’s classroom made him the old dude we hoped would never graduate, but at some point even Van Wilder gotta go. So, here we are! Dave is gone, LONG LIVE DAVE (unlike the life poisoned by water in fracking zones). Enjoy this sparring session: