Throwback Thursday: Playaz Circle – “Duffle Bag Boy” (Ft. Lil Wayne

I ain’t never ran from a niqqa, and I damn sure ain’t bout to pick today to start runnin, GET MONEY


Turnip Tuesday: 2 Chainz – “Riot”

Once Tity Boi, he evolved and re-introduced himself with the newly coined and now ubiquitous moniker; 2 Chainz. For today’s special Election-Edition Tuesday Turnip, we commemorate this evolution and the ensuing riot from the silent majority…with “RIOT”

Turnip Tuesday: 2 Chainz – “Get Out The Bed”

Caesar salad, please… with croutons and… codeine dressing: Codeine diet

Lyrics Below

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Bar Fight: Kendrick Lamar Vs. 2 Chainz

Let’s explore lines that show the¬†prowess and word-play of two microphone checkers in the debut line for line clash we’re calling, BAR FIGHT. ¬†They’re sudden, they hardly make sense, but when it’s on, just get out of the way and tell us who you think won after the nonsense settles: In one corner, hailing from the mAAd City of Compton, California, standing at 5 Foot somethin, and balling so hard that he has a Swimming Pool full of liquor, is none other than KENDRICK LAMAR! In the other corner, hailing from the unofficial ‘home of the strip clubs’ Atlanta, Georgia, standing at 6 Foot tall as phuck, and like a modern day honest Abe Lincoln proclaiming to tell NO LIES, is host of GQ’s “Most Expensivest $hit”, 2 CHAINZ! NOW THE LINES: Continue reading Bar Fight: Kendrick Lamar Vs. 2 Chainz