Throwback Thursday: Gucci Mane – “Lemonade”

*cracks knuckles*… let’s see what a lil SEO keywording can get us in clicks on the best LEMONADE of the week and of all time!

Before Beyonce got presumptive and ambitious with the drink of the Summer and named her album Lemonade. Before she “allegedly” (this is B.S. btw) pulled all her marriage’s skeletons out the closet as an “apparent” metaphor of Black America as the under appreciated in the U.S.A.’s multi-cultural melting pot marriage. HOLD UP, before all that sweet, and sour cold on a hot day Lemonade – was it Jack White, Kendrick Lamar, James Blake or The Weekend servin up these streets? NO!  Gucci Mane was the mixologist in the FORMATION of the original musical refreshment, Lemonade. Gucci buffered any “apparent diss” Jay Z might face even 6 years later by preemptively surfing the TIDAL wave the “BeyHive” is riding on this week. Sorry BEYloved, Guwop knows the future. #FreeGuwop


Monday Mood: Lil Wayne – “I Feel Good”

Let’s keep up the spirits from the earlier morning commute selection with a jam from the “Free Weezy Album”. Named such, as it is the Young Money founder’s protest album amidst an ongoing $50 Million dollar legal battle he has with Cash Money Records while attempting to terminate business relations with the only label he has ever known. He announced recently that he had just “signed a deal with my mother*uckin idol, Jay-Z“. This is presumably why the mixtape (?) got a window of exclusivity release with Tidal over the Independence Day weekend [sure that’s no coincidence either, in case the message was not clear to his old label].

So it seems Wayne is surfin high while channeling his inner James Brown on this newly formed Tidal Wave 😉  Apple Music gets Taylor Swift, Tidal gets Weezy F Baby. Word. Too early to turnip to this?