Throwback Thursday: Jeezy – “My President Is Black” (Ft. Nas)

I ain’t write this by the way

President Obama gets a Top 5-10 Presidents off top. A big knock on his resume is never inviting Jeezy to the White House but, still ridin out his anthem well into the second term like he acknowledged here:

Throwback Thursday: Playaz Circle – “Duffle Bag Boy” (Ft. Lil Wayne

I ain’t never ran from a niqqa, and I damn sure ain’t bout to pick today to start runnin, GET MONEY


Throwback Thursday: A Tribe Called Quest – “Bonita Applebum”

I believe Pharrell Williams is infallible. I really do… But, THIS he should have left alone. There are several classics to touch, and the Neptunes have done some phenomenal remixes. But this beat, the horn sample, the lo-fi drums, guitar strings are ALL on the perfect offstep with the loose rhymes. DON’T TOUCH THAT… EVER!

Throwback Thursday: Missy Elliot – “I’m Really Hot”

Missy was too far ahead of her time. Missy is an icon. But, even icons can get crazy. WTF was Missy doing challenging this femme-Yakuza crew, and biting their style? That’s some scary MF’ers to deal with!  Lookin at her step up, she’s got NO fear in her heart. Missy’s clearly crazy. So were her videos. The only competition in eccentric Hip Hop video production was Busta Rhymes, as shown in a previous TBT post. When you watch this, try to decide what’s better – the costume, or the choreography! This Is Not A Test – it’s some scary $hit!

Humpday Hymn: R.Kelly – “Snake”

We get it, Kellz. Snakes are mysterious AF, and can be fun to charm and seduce like those talented Indian guys do. But, you know what else they are? Suffocating. Poisonous. Sneaky. If you trust them to be harmless without knowing enough about em, they’ll  come back to bite ya. JANET,  YOU TWO-TIMIN TEMPTRESS!

Sorry, um… Snakes. That’s where we were. The pied piper may love how she get down, but snake-play in bed? That’s some scary $hit…make sure that thing’s defanged 😉

TBT: TLC – “Waterfalls”

Confession about this Throwback Thursday #SongOfTheDay selection; until an embarrassingly recent age, I always thought the hook went “Go Go, Jason Waterfalls“. Then I would wonder ‘where are these Jason Waterfalls?Then I learned of all the greatest waterfalls on earth; I learned of Victoria Falls (just north of my home country of South Africa), then I learned of Niagara Falls in America, then I learned of the Angel Falls in Venezuela – and HOLY $HIT were those huge!   All along thinking, what was so special about these “Jason Waterfalls” Left-Eye (R.I.P.) sang about? Then I would just hit the bop like so:

AAANYWAY – turns out it’s “Don’t go chasing waterfalls” that the best TLC song was about after all. So there…Like Captain said: Don’t chase waterfalls… just bop to this video below: