Watch Homeless Cristiano Ronaldo Show Us All How Petty We Are

On the streets of Madrid (it’s in SPAIN – GET A MAP), the most recognizable face in soccer got his Uncle Drew on and showed off his skills… but in disguise as a homeless dude. Known for slayin supermodels with a proficiency only rivaled by Hollyhood Superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, Cristiano usually has to fend off suitors. This time, watch what happens when he tries to get a girl’s number in character. Even better is the little fan’s reaction when he realizes…


Watch The “Suicide Squad” Trailer And Go Slightly Psycho

Fresh off the heels of his Dallas Buyer’s Club Oscar Win, Jared Leto is joined by an all-star cast featuring Jaden Smith‘s Dad, Cara DeleThoughtSheWasJustASuperModel,  and Ben please-don’t-Affleck-up-Batman among others.  This won’t come out till Fall 2016, but the pull of Comic-Con, Marvel rackin up ALL the superhero blockbuster glory, and general excitement for this twisted tail featuring the re-introduction of The Joker was too much for adrenaline junkie David Ayers to resist giving us a peek.  Peep the gritty and nightmare inducing trailer here. Dare ya not to replay it: