Humpday Hymn: Raury – “Devil’s Whisper” (Live Colbert Performance)

Handclaps. Check. Hook with dope response. Check. Donald Trump in the building? YUP. Colbert invitation? I’ll take it!

That’s how this humpday hymn landed on our blog, and in your FACE. It’s also all the young Atlanta prodigy needed to completely own the moment.  Raury made the statement Colbert seemed too overwhelmed by the Donald to make to his face. Was it a coincidence for him to be musical guest on THIS night? Was it irony that his selection was a number about the devil whispering to him about how rich he is and will literally turn everything he touches to gold if he just sells his vote soul AS Donald Trump was backstage?  Sure… these freaky things happen. But, what Raury does for Stephen even at the end is worth watching:

Stephen, you better RUNNN!

Long Live Colbeard, And The New Late Show Bandleader

A couple of weeks ago we said goodbye to the late-show legend, David Letterman. Lurking in the shadows was the (apparently) pipe-smoking, fork-and-knife hot dog eatin man attached to the Colbeard via his face.  Stephen Colbert is hard at work getting the revamped Late Show rolling with a new list of familiar Late Night “Show Needs“.  Seen in the background, some of these include “Cameras“, “Things to say“, “more things to say“, and a  “FRYER“. This African’s all-in already, folks! If you need some convincing, watch the clip yourself. If you’re a millenial, leave some suggestions

High up on that list should probably have been a “band leader”. Letterman had Paul for 30+ years, Fallon’s got the legendary Roots crew.  It’s necessary in this format.  Well Stephen introduced a new friend of the show this morning!

Jon Batiste is a New Orleans jazz/soul multi-instrumentalist.  He’s only 28 years old, but with the charisma he displayed on his appearances on the Colbert Report – no wonder Stephen went ot New Orleans to recruit the guy himself.

Batiste comes as part of a package deal: While he will be the bandleader, he’ll be backed by his current band, which includes a saxophonist and a percussionist, as well as a tubist. Known together as Jon Batiste and Stay Human, the band formed shortly after Batiste graduated from Julliard.

Checkout a piece of Batiste and Stay Human on stage