The Best Image Of This Super Bowl Weekend Had Nothing To Do With This Super Bowl…


The best image of the weekend is the posterchild for the saying “picture is worth a thousand words” It’s the most iconic retirement image of the year from none other than #BEASTMODE

It was supposed to be the retirement of a certain 2 Time Super bowl Champion QB ON THE OCCASION. But such a quarterback who shall remain nameless is feelin himself right now and bordering on Brett Favre diva levels of coy on the question.
It’s almost like he didn’t just have the worst quarterback rating and offensive yards in Super Bowl winners history. ANYWAY, this isn’t about him.

This image represents a GRACIOUS man of few words. Like their owner, when it comes to those whats on this photo, what you see is what you got.  Hanging up there they almost dare spectators “You know why I’m here“, and promise “I’m about that action!” ✌🏾️

As one teammate put it “wats understood ain’t gotta be explained…“.  So consider the following a history lesson for your kids, or nieces and nephews:
Those cleats carried the most explosive Continue reading The Best Image Of This Super Bowl Weekend Had Nothing To Do With This Super Bowl…


Throwback Thursday: Soul For Real – “Candy Rain”

How has Starburst or whoever runs their ads NOT used this. Starburst you’re phuckin up, breh. YOUR slogan is “TASTE THE RAINBOW!”  This song’s hook LITERALLY asks “My love, do you ever dream of Candy coated raindrops?” Its like, they did the groundwork for you! Just have people dancin to this jam tossin ya candy back and forth at each other. Have them sending each other snail-mail with pictures of ya candy and love notes like “miss me?”! Are you writing this down??? Wait, what? “Taste the Rainbow” is Skittles?…. *sigh* SKITTLES… you’re phuckin up, breh!