Morning Commute: “Nobody Speak” – DJ Shadow Feat. Run The Jewels


Midnight Snack: “Oh My Darling (Don’t Meow)” – Run The Jewels (Just Blaze Remix)

What’s that? You want to know what this music video has to do with fear? Well if you’re not afraid of giant cats idly flicking at cop cars like they’re catnip mice, then you’re either a dog or incredibly foolish. This is the first video from the all cat sound remix album, Meow the Jewels. It’s incredibly dope, stupid, and scary at the same time. Enjoy.


Monday Mood: Meow The Jewels – “Meowrly” (Ft. Boots)

Earlier today, Killer Mike and El-P gave you a glimpse of who is under-rated and overrated. Hollywood Hulk Hogan? F THAT! Creator of Heaven and Earth? You’re Cool. Camping? CAMPING? Cats ain’t got time for that! “just go fishin, and go home!”.  But you know what cats that are tearing up the festival circuit got time for? CATS! LOTS OF CATS… CATS ALL TRACK LONG! The Run The Jewels project is becoming a cult-classic before our eyes.  That used to mean being immortalized in SNL sketches, and Simpson episodes in the parody universe. Today, on the internet, CATS ARE GODS! [sidenote: I’ve warned you countless times that this fateful day is approaching].

After what seemed like a joke, El-P dared the internet to raise $40,000 – and he would arrange a remix album of Run The Jewels 2 comprised entirely of CAT SOUNDS as the backtracks. No instruments… just cats. The internet accepted the challenge. The jewels must be meowed. Here we go MEOW!

Run The Jewels’ Killer Mike To Hulk Hogan: “We Wanna Be Doin Coke!”

Run the Jewels…and the drugs, and the general debauchery, you stingy over-sized MODEL! You know that one friend who never pays for drinks, but magically appears when a round is bought? No? Just me? I need to do some late-spring-cleaning in the friends department. Anyway, Hollywood Hulk Hogan – is that friend… except WORSE!  His face should be in the dictionary next to “druggie-hethen-hypocritic”, at least if you let Killer Mike tell it. See if you agree with his assessment on that and god dresses, and naked pictures of his inlaws as Father’s Day gifts…

Humpday Hymn: Outkast – “The Whole World” (Ft. Killer Mike)

Before Run The Jewels was tearing up the festival circuit, there was a solo rapper by the name of Killer Mike who ran with the dungeon family (an Atlanta collective including Cee-Lo’s Goodie Mob, Outkast, and the Sleepy Brown amongst others). Before the millenia of Outkast hiatus, they were arguably the best 1-2 punch in Hip Hop History. But long before all that, on this day of May 27th of some year I could easily research but clearly opted not to an ATLien was beamed onto the Southern half of these United States of planet Earth

He had impeccable wit, out of this world 😉 [get it Ben? Coz he’s an Alien in this piece? Ya Get it?] style, and finesse with words that many have wished to emulate, but no mere humans could duplicate or match.  He was bequithed an earth name “Andre Benjamin” to be exact, but would opt for 3 stacks (perhaps a clue to him being 3000 years ahead of all of us). The Whole.World.Loves it when you make that sound! May your home-planet leave you among us for a few more moments and a chance at more funky blues and/or whatever you decide to belch out until then. Happy Dre-Day, 3 Stacks!