Monday Mood: Jay Z – “Dear Summer”

Please show the same love to my friends,
Dear Summer


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Flashback FY Friday: The Dream – “Turnt” (Ft. Beyonce, 2 Chainz)

Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas?

…or just a nice dinner.

Watch J.J. Watt And Kevin Durant Hilariously Distract Fans’ Life Goals!

“Everyone needs a champ” is the title of this campaign. It’s beautiful, inspiring, and a great way for your sports heroes to show some love back to the 3-5 lucky few of you American Family Insurance picked.  Maybe I’m just being sinister on this Tuesday, but all I saw was “nice concentration on that dance routine, AMANDA – hope you don’t blow it when your heroes bang on the window of your dance studio! OOPS“.  Or maybe, “skate, skate, skate, KRYSTAL – now don’t freak out and crash into your teammates when J.J. Giant trolls you then chases RUSTY down for 26 miles straight

It’s either that or whatever the intended message was. Check the short clip out for yourself:

Watch Monday Motivation: “There Are No Chosen Ones! “

“. You just have to find what you’re great at, then tap into it!”

Starting off the week, let’s remember when a Brooklyn boy who once said to himself,  “Hov, Remind yourself; nobody’s built like you, you design YOURSELF“.  I see, I said. Watch today’s Monday Motivation:

Throwback Thursday: Young Gunz – “Friday Night”

Wait… Isn’t it still Thursday? YES. Don’t you usually do your stupid “Throwback Thursday” on those days? BINGO. But, the name of that song is “Friday Night” OBSERVANT. Wouldn’t that make more sense on a Friday? YES…but it’s also 5 or more years old, which is definitely in Throwback territory AND the beat’s fresh! Then, what are you gonna use for tomorrow… Friday? I DON’T GET PAID FOR THIS, LOG IN FRIDAY TO SEE.. AND EVERYDAY, TILL I EVENTUALLY DO, and this conversation becomes a Throwback! Enjoy your Friday…tomorrow… whatever BYE. *hits the robot to this funky Just Blaze beat*

FY Friday: Rihanna – “Cheers” (Drink To That)

I dare ya. I DOUBLE DARE YA! Find a better song to dedicate to the weekend! You Can’t! That’s why! I don’t even need a write-up to prep you for this $hit! No foreplay necessary! Like vintage Bad Boy Puff – TAKE DAT, TAKE DAT!