Humpday Hymn: Raury – “Crystal Express” (Live on Triple J Radio)

We All Need Life

Gotta be somethin in the Stone Mountain water. (shouts to Donald)

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Humpday Hymn: Raury – “Devil’s Whisper” (Live Colbert Performance)

Handclaps. Check. Hook with dope response. Check. Donald Trump in the building? YUP. Colbert invitation? I’ll take it!

That’s how this humpday hymn landed on our blog, and in your FACE. It’s also all the young Atlanta prodigy needed to completely own the moment.  Raury made the statement Colbert seemed too overwhelmed by the Donald to make to his face. Was it a coincidence for him to be musical guest on THIS night? Was it irony that his selection was a number about the devil whispering to him about how rich he is and will literally turn everything he touches to gold if he just sells his vote soul AS Donald Trump was backstage?  Sure… these freaky things happen. But, what Raury does for Stephen even at the end is worth watching:

Stephen, you better RUNNN!

FYFriday: Gucci Mane – “Dead People” (Ft. Raury)

Only Gucci can make carryin around cash loads sound like such an ominous burden.  But, as soon as the beat kicks in, you can’t help but hum along to his money-miseries.  Since it’s payday for many of y’all, we’re sure you can relate to the growing pains of voices in your head – tellin you to get this bread. Atlanta newcomer, Raury echoes the Trap God’s sentiments with a rapid-fire flow at the green-spirits. BURRR!