Flashback Friday: B2K – “Bump, Bump, Bump” (Ft. Puff)/ “Feelin Freaky” (Ft. Drumline)

This is going against ALL the rules. Ben and this African have lived by one code; love of country, protection of Jaden Smith and Shia Lebouf until we figure out just what the hell those two are doing, and an unspoken one-post-one-song rule.
But, my hands were tied. I searched for “Feelin Freaky” For Your Friday tunes because, well… song title. Then the computer suggested “viewers who liked this, also listened to Bump Bump Bump”. Usually those suggestions are meant to be ignored because, we can’t trust computers’ judgment  – they have no souls. Then, it became glaringly obvious. You simply can’t have one without the other. They are side-bs of each other (no side-a here).  If you’re “Feelin Freaky”, you’ll wanna turn around and make that body go “bump bump bump”… and the other way round (both ways).
So here we are. A double shot, For Your Flashback Freaky Friday:

See? Feelin freaky, aintcha?

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Midnight Snack: Puff Daddy & The Family – “Workin” (Ft. Travis Scott, Big Sean)

Shoutout to my people with a job, I hope you don’t fall asleep tomorrow when you _____


Thanks, Puff. Such a nice guy


FY Friday: Rihanna – “Cheers” (Drink To That)

I dare ya. I DOUBLE DARE YA! Find a better song to dedicate to the weekend! You Can’t! That’s why! I don’t even need a write-up to prep you for this $hit! No foreplay necessary! Like vintage Bad Boy Puff – TAKE DAT, TAKE DAT!

Thought Experiment: What If Puff Daddy Was Really A Pufferfish?


-Begin Chat Transcription-

So it turns out Puff Daddy has an animated show in development, described as South Park in inner-city Detroit. Couple of things here, Siya.  1.) Comparing your show to South Park right out of the gate is recipe for cancellation.  2.) It still has to be better than Mike Tyson’s low-rent Scooby-Doo knockoff.  3.) I don’t really care about this. I just wanted to set-up a thought experiment with you. So dude, what if Puff Daddy was really a pufferfish?  THINK ABOUT IT!

First of all, if you’re gonna go there, the image should be a pufferfish, with Puffy’s face on it! NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND! Continue reading Thought Experiment: What If Puff Daddy Was Really A Pufferfish?