Lebron To CP3: “Shhh, dont talk, just listen” 

The bromance between best friends King James, and Cliff Paul’s twin is well documented and known in the basketball community.  So its no surprise that when Chris tossed up that haymaker over old-man-rivers to oust the defending champions San Antonio Spurs, Lebron could barely hold it together.

Not just because, they denied him a 3-peat NBA Championship last year before sending him home to Cleveland. Not just because Tim Duncan appeared to be getting too close for their bromance comfort, as pictured below:

“Respect, man. Love you, bro.”


“HEY! WTF! THAT’S MY BRO! GET YOUR HANDS OFF MY BRO! (Savannah, let me borrow your phone)”

But, just CAUSE, MAN! BRON LIKES THE GUY – and he was happy for him (and not having to face the Spurs again, seriously – that was brutal last Finals).

King James recalls the story
“I called him from my wife’s phone, he answered like, ‘What’s up?’ I told him don’t say nothing, you’re not allowed to reply, don’t say anything. I told him how amazing he was and how great he was. And I hung up on him. I haven’t spoken to him since. It’s the truth.”

Relationship Goals, indeed.


Ben’s Diary: I Shattered My Phone Screen And I Still Didn’t Buy A Case


Dear Diary,

I shattered my phone screen and I still didn’t buy a case.

I currently rock an iFunSIX®™©, which is not an endorsement of the phone (though if you DO want your company’s name here, holler at this dude.  I will sell out for cash.  #nobrandintegrity), but is an actual fact. It’s the fourth or fifth iteration of the Fruit Phone I’ve owned.  Never once during any of those purchases have I felt the need to get an extended warranty or a phone case.  Every single time I’ve declined those two options, I’ve had the exact same conversation with the exact same spray-tanned sales rep. Continue reading Ben’s Diary: I Shattered My Phone Screen And I Still Didn’t Buy A Case