From the inception of this blog, we’ve made two things clear. Entourage… and MO…AKA DIRTY… AKA PIMP JUICE. We’ve been postin The Fix ever since, makin sure you Shake Ya Tailfeather Over and Over again, Party People! We kept it Hot In Herre with some of the takes, and Ben and I have been faced with a Dilemma or 2 in making this your #1 daily must-visit spot. That’s Just A Dream we had…

Anyway, what were we talkin about?  I got distracted with pointless references and puns, there. Happens damn near Errtime. Happy Birthday, Champ!


Throwback Thursday: Nelly – “In My Life” (Ft. Avery Storm, Ma$e)

When Nelly dropped a double album, on the SWEAT side he made you “Flap Your Wings“. On the other side, he was on his SUIT-no-tie-ish. The album was creatively called “SweatSuit” in case that wasn’t clear. Anyway, that proved to not be a Nellyville-level creative success, but if you dig through the dirt – you’ll find this gem bringing in Mason Betha for his first verse in years… before he disappeared again. I still need Ma$e… In My Life.

Monday Mood: Nelly – “#1”

What does it take to be #1? You gotta bite through that pomegranate.  You can’t take a high-five and “good job” for participation. GET BETTER, with some #HarrisonFamilyValues .  Nelly didn’t answer what it takes. As you start this week, JUST KNOW “2 is not a winner, and 3 nobody remembers“!

A Short Skit For Fans Of Entourage And Nelly

E and Nelly

Ext. Hollywood- Daytime.

E walks down the street head buried into his phone.  Turning the corner, he physically bumps into superstar rapper Nelly.  Nelly has his trademark band-aid on his face.

E!  I…

Nelly is interrupted by a car crash on the street behind them.

Uh oh!  What’s happening now?!

End Scene.