Monday Mood: La Roux – “In For The Kill” (Live Abbey Road Sessions)

Electronic singers’ vocals can be buried in the synths, trap gaps, and general womp-womp-womp. That’s why live and acoustic versions are always refreshing. The words matter more. The voice is naked and completely itself. A guitar – or in this case – a piano is just there to back up the living voice for a thrill while going… In For The Kill.

I know that you’ll understand – and hold onto my hand!


Monday Mood: Santigold – “Big Boss Big Time Business”

Daaamn SANTIGOLD! Back at it again with a wicked mix of reggae-influenced riddim for her signature electro hip-pop sound on her 3rd album, “99 Cents“. Reminiscent of her classic “Unstoppable” but bigger, bossier with lots more major keys! Check it out:

Monday Mood: Chance The Rapper – “Somewhere In Paradise” (Ft. Jeremih, R.Kelly)

This week, answer the question with some questions questionin yours. Sound confusing? See how the soccer hackey sacker, cocky-khaki jacket-jacker, and slap-happy-fa**ot-slapper does so effortlessly that in today’s Monday Mood!

CDQ Audio Quality below:

Monday Mood: Logic – “Alright” (Ft. Big Sean)

Logic delivered a well thought out and interesting concept album amidst a VERY packed Hip Hop year and landed the busy 4th quarter.  Think Kanye’s “Glow In The Dark” tour (if you were lucky enough to see it) expanded. Can’t wrap ya mind around that? It’s ALRIGHT. Wrap ya mind around this rapracadabra Big Sean pulls out of his snapback from Logic’s 1st album for our last Monday Mood of the year:

I made somethin outta nothin, Sean Don a magician/
She doin trix with her p***y, I guess that’s a vagician