Ryan Reynolds And That Deadpool Trailer Can Go To Hell

Who the hell do they think they are? This ain’t Arrested Development or some reality show! The 4th Wall is only for Morgan Freeman’s voice to break, or every character in Scorsese flicks. It’s not for some chump in a fake-ass spiderman suit to blab his way through! Even if the character is a troll through and through. This is cinema! Well… youtube… some trailer dumpster. But, have some dignity, dammit! “5 Time Academy-Award viewer” ? WE’RE THAT TOO, RYAN! To make it all worse, you made me wait for THIS? A Trailer of a trailer!?!? Aaahh phuck it. I’m in. Take my money, and blow it out YOUR sphincter, already!


Watch The “Suicide Squad” Trailer And Go Slightly Psycho

Fresh off the heels of his Dallas Buyer’s Club Oscar Win, Jared Leto is joined by an all-star cast featuring Jaden Smith‘s Dad, Cara DeleThoughtSheWasJustASuperModel,  and Ben please-don’t-Affleck-up-Batman among others.  This won’t come out till Fall 2016, but the pull of Comic-Con, Marvel rackin up ALL the superhero blockbuster glory, and general excitement for this twisted tail featuring the re-introduction of The Joker was too much for adrenaline junkie David Ayers to resist giving us a peek.  Peep the gritty and nightmare inducing trailer here. Dare ya not to replay it: