Super Mario Bros Turns 30 Today, And He’s Gone Crazy. WATCH

Aw, man! This is definitely the first game I remember crushing on my brother’s bootleg chinese version of the Nintendo console in South Africa right here. Here’s a fun fact from Fortune you might have not known, sorta like my brother didn’t know it was me who poured water on the console to “fix it” all those years back. (COME AT ME, BRO!):

Super Mario Bros. wasn’t the first game to feature Mario. He technically was born in 1981 in the Donkey Kong arcade game. But at the time, he was only known as “Jump Man”—and his iconic moves were rudimentary. It was Super Mario Bros. that gave him an identity and made him an icon. To date, the character has appeared in over 200 games, according to Nintendo.

I just don’t remember Mario being this violent. Guess he finally got tired of being hoodwinked by princess facades. I feel ya, brotha:

Luigi… Get yo boy.