Watch Prince Diss Questlove For A Cartoon Fish, The World And Generally Be The King Of Shade.

I’m not ready to take the news seriously yet. Not, because I’m delusional or in disbelief but, I honestly always thought of Prince as just some fixture. The mental image of that one-word-entity simply has not changed as long as I’ve been conscious of him because, well the real human hasn’t changed much either throughout the years. He’s also a larger-than-own-life character. What I mean by that is, there is Prince (the apparently air-breathing, water-drinking being capable of passing guy) then there’s the idea of Prince.  Unlike most stars, these two were not separate. These beings were one in the same.

They say “all the best artists are a little crazy”. NO WHERE is that more true, sincere, and paradoxically apparent than in real life Prince anecdotes. Here are a few to laugh and gawk at…

1. Prince Vs. Fela Kuti, Questlove & Golf Cart Speed Limits

Prince likes Finding Nemo… A LOT. He demonstrates his appreciation for Questlove but, he definitely loves Finding Nemo more.

Key Quote: “He’s not payin attention and he’s concentrating on being a pool shark. He walks over to my booth and is like ‘play something else ” (paraphrased)


2. Prince Vs. Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones, The World, Justin Bieber, Beck (?), Halle Berry, Larry King, Madonna, Michael Jackson AGAIN, Birthdays and Aging, and Kim Kardasian

The music speaks for itself and will be touched on later. The mind is psychotically genius. The one human part of Prince we can all replicate but, obviously can’t duplicate is the SHADE.
You might roll your eyes, or give a slight “psssh” at perceived peons in your presence.
His Purpleness always found a way to take it to another level – a level “Bye Felicia” couldn’t quite dismiss you enough to. A level deeper than any seat you wish would swallow you up as Prince OWNED you. Mean teenage girls (even of 2016) would look like angels compared to this Divo (which is apparently a word. who knew).

Key Quote: “I can’t be played… a person tryna play ME – plays themselves

3. Prince Vs. Common Sense In General 

This is generally the lengthiest Prince anecdote available and every minute of it unravels more and more layers of Prince mystery that leads to more moments of ‘WTF JUST HAPPENED?”

From mark 11:30 this quote of WTFness ensues
Key Quote: “Prince doesn’t comprehend things how you and I do… he’s been living in Prince world for some time now. Prince will say… ‘its 3 o’clock in the morning…in Minnesota I really need a camel. GO GET IT‘… he doesn’t understand why someone can’t process a simple request like that


4. Prince Vs. Basketball Interviews, Common Sense, and Questlove ANOTHER AGAIN

DAMN Prince! BACK AT IT AGAIN with NO respect for other’s time in general, and a peculiar obsession with 3 AM disturbances!

Key Quote: “We weren’t supposed to call him Prince, and to avoid hitting his head with a basketball I’m like PR—… He brings the ball back, and he’s giggling like ‘na na na na na, YOU didn’t know what to call me


My Take: This dude was the best of times, and the best of the worst of times for his friends. He was an inconvenience and difficulty they chose to invite into their lives over and over again for reasons they couldn’t quite comprehend themselves. There should be an ENTIRE podcast or even animated TV series of just Prince anecdotes. They are masterpieces that write themselves. Long Live Prince – King of Shade!

Humpday Hymn: Pentatonix – Where Are Ü Now (Justin Bieber Cover)

Know that part of the beat Timbaland accidentally mutes the music, and stalls till he figures out the speakers again? You might know it as his staple beat-box-breakdown. Now imagine that, except he never figures out how to turn the beat back on, and that’s perfectly okay. That’s what Pentatonix is – also AMAZING Grammy winning vocalists.
For today’s Humpday, they vocally bounce in and out of the Jack Ü’s bassline foundation for a cover that is easily better than what is an already surprisingly sultry sound by a growing soulful Justin Bieber.

YEA… I gave you space, because I know you needed it to process that last sentence. Shut your brain up, and press play!

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FY Friday: Justin Bieber – “Hotline Bling” (Call-In Remix)

Okay, I had a Halloween classic cued up, but scratch that – we know what song you’ll be hearing at every party you go to this Halloween weekend. The booty-call anthem, Hotline Bling of course!

But, wait! Drake ain’t the only Canadian with his phone ringin. Couple hours ago, Young Swaggy (aka Please Belieb Me) cocked his instagram gun like:

Then without warning, fired off a shot into dat Halloween azz full of falsetto from a real Michigan number in what is actually a genius marketing strategy.  So, Skip the download or stream on this one. Call in direct to this number  231-377-1113 to hear the tune.

If your phone plan is wack, this soundcloud user uploaded the phone version for your streaming ease:

Turnip Tuesday: Disclosure – “Omen” (Ft. Sam Smith)

Ever since they “LATCHED” onto the crooner Sam Smith’s soulful vibes, the duo of brothers has blended soulful vibez effortlessly with what can be described as  pounding electronic jazz throughout the neo-soul British invasion of American pop.  This is the 1st single from their new album coming soon. The turnip should be enjoyed smooth in a chilled glass in the outside Summer feel on this one. Swag it out!
Scooter, hook Justin up with these guys ASAP. They should produce his first adult record! #GhostAnR