Watch A LIT Collection of Footage From That BET White House Party Chappelle Was Talkin About… Featuring Brad Cooper!

If you happen to live under a rock, you missed Dave Chappelle’s SNL monologue – which has been coined one of the best ever. In the last 2 minutes of that, he tells a heartwarming story of a BET party, the White House… and Bradley Cooper?
Just let Dave tell it at the  9-minute mark:

Some may have wondered if this was just Chappelle hyperbole to make a point… well “Dave, you got your Block Party, I got my Block Party”:

Usher has been sort of a lingerer at the White House and the Cavs locker room, respectively. What DOES Usher DO? Anyway, just let him cover James Brown:

In the most neck-hair-raising performance of the night, Miss Yolanda Adams and Comm Sense sing Selma’s “GLORY”. Warning, these vocals are not for the faint at soul:

Nothing to see here, just Barack Hussein him damn self electric slidin the end of the party with Samuel L. Jackson to Al Green’s “Love & Happiness”:

After the party it’s the after-party and… Somewhere in that sea of black beauty is Bradley Cooper Swag Surfin as well:

OPE… there goes Usher again at the after-party. Seriously, WHAT DOES that guy DO?

Oh yea, he also said a buncha stuff, and Miss Jilly from Philly performed if you wanna see that:

Who did this? Internet, you’re on time-out ONCE AGAIN. We can’t enjoy ONE moment without you ruining it. I’M OUT

Thanks, Obama

Turnip Tuesday: WatchTheDuck – “3,2,1 Stretch” (Ft. Pharrell)

“Oooh snap! WTF IS THAT $hit! Hol up, lemme Shazam that jawn!”
That’s me hearin yet another Samsung commercial bout a week ago.
Shoutout to whoever is their music supervisor, btw. They put us onto this gem with Lady Leshurr a few back

Anyway, with Skateboard P’s assistance these Alabama boys bring the “trapstep noise” in this gym anthem turnt Turnip Tune! DON’T WATCH ME…

Monday Mood: Lil Wayne – “I Feel Good”

Let’s keep up the spirits from the earlier morning commute selection with a jam from the “Free Weezy Album”. Named such, as it is the Young Money founder’s protest album amidst an ongoing $50 Million dollar legal battle he has with Cash Money Records while attempting to terminate business relations with the only label he has ever known. He announced recently that he had just “signed a deal with my mother*uckin idol, Jay-Z“. This is presumably why the mixtape (?) got a window of exclusivity release with Tidal over the Independence Day weekend [sure that’s no coincidence either, in case the message was not clear to his old label].

So it seems Wayne is surfin high while channeling his inner James Brown on this newly formed Tidal Wave 😉  Apple Music gets Taylor Swift, Tidal gets Weezy F Baby. Word. Too early to turnip to this?

FYFriday: Mark Ronson – “Feel Right” (Ft. Mystikal)

“Uptown Funk” was the longest reigning #1 Hot 100 Record of the decade. Kendrick Lamar invited the likes of George Clinton to help him produce the best rated Rap Album of All Time. Pharrell produced an entire Funk album for Snoop Dogg. No question that 2015 has been the year FUNK SO RIGHTEOUSLY made its comeback!  Mystikal channelled his all too seamless James Brown to help Mark Ronson on his next single, and it FEEL RIGHT!  Somebody needs to sign the kids in that talent show ASAP, btw.

To see the adults crash Ellen’s show to kill this performance themselves, check it out below:

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