Ryan Reynolds And That Deadpool Trailer Can Go To Hell

Who the hell do they think they are? This ain’t Arrested Development or some reality show! The 4th Wall is only for Morgan Freeman’s voice to break, or every character in Scorsese flicks. It’s not for some chump in a fake-ass spiderman suit to blab his way through! Even if the character is a troll through and through. This is cinema! Well… youtube… some trailer dumpster. But, have some dignity, dammit! “5 Time Academy-Award viewer” ? WE’RE THAT TOO, RYAN! To make it all worse, you made me wait for THIS? A Trailer of a trailer!?!? Aaahh phuck it. I’m in. Take my money, and blow it out YOUR sphincter, already!


2 Times 2 Pac Was A Goofball

On this day June 16th, 1971 a force was born in East Harlem, NY. He would grow to call himself Tupac, then Makaveli and live forever on the Mt. Rushmore of a Culture, Music, and voice of a restless generation.  He was also a phuckin goofball!
“Thug Life” reppin,  Death Row, Bad-Boy-Killin, Outlaw is out with MTV for an on-location interview around Los Angeles.  When suddenly he spots danger via a familiar killer mean mug from a… BABY.  Can’t blame him, though. Chappelle admitted years later, that you only see this in the worst neighborhoods. Watch his reaction and ensuing plea:

This time shooting a promo-spot for the classic Yo MTV Raps.  Host Ed Lover is in the background giving pointers, but Pac believes they’re re-casting Scarface. Fun-Fact: Pac was quite the thespian himself, and went to art school where stage-acting was part of the gig. So, he can’t help himself when its reppin time:

Happy Birthday, Pac!

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The Copywriter For Spotify Is A Fucking Goofball!


You guys, check out that last line of the description for the latest Spotify update.  L.O.FUCKIN.L. AM-I-RITE?  Someone at a Spotify needs to march down to the marketing department with a Phillip’s head screwdriver, because we’ve got a copywriter with some screws wayyyyy the fuck loose!  Look at what that GOOFBALL wrote: “Fictitious: This app is a gas at room temperature.”  CUT THAT TOMFOOLERY OUT – AN ELECTRONIC MUSIC APP ISN’T A GAS!

We should all be thankful that they at least came partially back to reality and tagged that little nugget of comedy gold as “fictitious”.   Can you imagine the unholy chaos that would spring from the ground if people mistakenly thought Spotify actually WAS a gas at room temperature?!?! Your grandma would be running around screaming, “HELP! I’M INHALING A STREAMING SERVICE!”  I think we dodged certain doom here, everyone.

April Fool’s Day is long over, but our Spotify copywriter doesn’t care.  They’re going to bring the fucking ruckus all day, every day. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!