FY Friday: Rihanna – “Cheers” (Drink To That)

I dare ya. I DOUBLE DARE YA! Find a better song to dedicate to the weekend! You Can’t! That’s why! I don’t even need a write-up to prep you for this $hit! No foreplay necessary! Like vintage Bad Boy Puff – TAKE DAT, TAKE DAT!


Humpday Hymn: Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears – “Bitch, I Love You”

Dear Friday,

It’s ya ex. Sorry, I left… I miss you, now! Will you have me back? We can do all the weekend things we always said we’d do, you-funky-bitch-you!¬†Halfway through this bitch of a week, and I’m over it. Bitch, I LOVE YOU!

Yours Truly,

-Ya Boy