Flashback Friday: B2K – “Bump, Bump, Bump” (Ft. Puff)/ “Feelin Freaky” (Ft. Drumline)

This is going against ALL the rules. Ben and this African have lived by one code; love of country, protection of Jaden Smith and Shia Lebouf until we figure out just what the hell those two are doing, and an unspoken one-post-one-song rule.
But, my hands were tied. I searched for “Feelin Freaky” For Your Friday tunes because, well… song title. Then the computer suggested “viewers who liked this, also listened to Bump Bump Bump”. Usually those suggestions are meant to be ignored because, we can’t trust computers’ judgment  – they have no souls. Then, it became glaringly obvious. You simply can’t have one without the other. They are side-bs of each other (no side-a here).  If you’re “Feelin Freaky”, you’ll wanna turn around and make that body go “bump bump bump”… and the other way round (both ways).
So here we are. A double shot, For Your Flashback Freaky Friday:

See? Feelin freaky, aintcha?

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Flashback Friday: Mark Morrinson – “Return Of The Mack”

Love it or hate that you love it, when this song comes on – YOU SHOW IT SOME RESPECT!
That said, it’s fairly misleading. It’s both a farewell song and a welcome back song to the mack. Listen to the lyrics and judge just kidding, this vibe was never meant for you to pay attention to the lyrics. Here it is today on its 20th Anniversary:

Flashback Friday: Top 10 Durag Moments Of All Time… And A Lie

Ben’s freakin out ALL MONTH about spider eyes which he describes as  “loose remnants of damned human souls” among other things that scare him, and folks again mass shootin again. My birthday is Monday, and I wanna laugh. I’ll laugh at the young me trying sleeping with a durag on to “get them waves on lock”. Then one day, I woke up with the headache those usually come with, and realized “Wait a minute.. I’m African.. My hair’s suPPOSED to be nappy AF. Skip All that!” It’s been nap city every since, on this side! Ain’t no lookin back, baby! Well maybe just this once…

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PSA: Watch And Learn With Russell Simmons Learn What A “THOT” Is

We’ve alluded to this term via one of our FY Friday selection in the past. Frankly this is an urgent PSA. Been getting real tired of giving urban dictionary free traffic, so we figured we’d get this straightened out before going into this weekend in case you see one on the prowl. We’re not sexist here at the BenandSiyaBlog, so understand THOT is not gender specific. Watch and share in the absolute joy as Russell expands his mind with this new jewel he discovers.

Flashback Friday: Watch Pharrell’s Reaction After First Hearing Young Kanye

Looking back at it now, “Never Let Me Down” was as solid of a covenant as you can get in rap.  This is an arena where alliances are declared ‘4 Life’, but come and go (see Death Row, Bad Boy, G-Unit sorta, and on and on). Coming to think of it, the only hip hop treaty that stayed true to the ‘4 Life’ moniker is ‘UGK 4 Life’ (R.I.P Pimp C). College Droput was Kanye’s debut, and after helping deliver Jay a classic in Blueprint – it was only expected for Jay to knight the newcomer with a sharp verse. Knight he did.
Not only is this one of Jay’s best verses of that era (Blueprint – Kingdom Come), but it was clear from that first declaration that Kanye would be the best sparring partner for Jay (like Drake and Wayne,T.I. and B.O.B., or dare I say Rick Ross and Meek Mill?).  Maybe Pharrell was amazed at the beat, or the flow – but wait till the end for his reaction when he FIRST hears the song before anyone else.