Monday Mood: Kanye West – “Father, I Stretch My Hands” (40 Minute Off White Breakdown)

“… kanye just sent a 1 hour version of ‘Father Stretch My Hands’ too for the end

When you’re Kanye’s best friend and Creative Director of his brain-child, DONDA you might do your own clothing line called #OffWhite. Then you take it to Paris for an hour long fashion show. But, what of the tunes? Should you make a playlist of the hottest joints around, or ask the homie to make you an hour long version of one of his sort after anthems from his latest album? Well you Stretch Your Hands, and ask the homie to make you an hour long version of one of his highly sort after anthems from his latest album, of course!


Kanye West Lands A HUGE Active Political Endorsement! Guess Who

In case you had a life and missed the VMA’s this last Sunday, Mr. West declared – among other things – that “I have decided, in 2020, to run for President”. That was complete with the mic drop heard around the political arena. It was heard by the none other than the current highest profile presidential candidate who thought:

Somehow there are comparisons made so often, which is interesting… I don’t quite get it

That’s it, America. Are you really that surprised? You MADE this happen. You wanted it. In fact, you were kinda askin for it all along. It’s up to you to keep this going, or call and end to it all. Either way, this is your rodeo now.