Throwback Thursday: Terror Squad – “Lean Back” (Ft. Fat Joe, Remy)


So Hot Ma$e, and Eminem had to jump on the remix by way of Lil Jon. Peep it here:

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FY Friday: Yo Gotti – “Down In The DM”

Dope tribute to UGK’s Grammy-Winning “International Player’s Anthem” video. If you’re new to the lingo – the “DM”s is the “direct message” section of social media sites. It’s usually public and 1-to-1 communique. As expected, it goes down in there and this cameo-riddled, hilariously scripted video treatment. Cameo count: (Reverend) Cee-Lo, (groomsman) MGK, Slim Jimmi (bachelor party), YG (bachelor party), DJ Khaled (marriage counselor).


FY Friday: Lil Wayne – What You Sayin (Busta Rhymes Tribute)

Remember that throwback we did yesterday? Dope right? WHOO-HA! Gotcha all in check!  Lil Wayne seems to agree. He liked it so much he redid the hip hop classic perfectly bringin it to a 2015 Flashback Friday.

Favorite line: “Umma kick somebody in they mouth; MMA”

Excuse the wack dj screams… I’m usually a fan of djs but this dude SUCKS. *paging Khaled*