Flashback FY Friday: The Dream – “Turnt” (Ft. Beyonce, 2 Chainz)

Last minute Valentine’s Day ideas?

…or just a nice dinner.


Humppday Hymn: LL Cool J – Feel The Beat

Those naked kick drums. Those two little notes. That’s so classic Timbaland, man! He could give you tunnel vision sounds with Timberlake or just 3-4 tracks on a loop, and you’ve still got a COMPLETE groove to work with, especially when you have an M.C. like Cool J just woppin the flow on it. This sounds so cheap but, expansive!

It wasn’t free, but don’t call it a robbery

FY Friday: Rihanna – “Cheers” (Drink To That)

I dare ya. I DOUBLE DARE YA! Find a better song to dedicate to the weekend! You Can’t! That’s why! I don’t even need a write-up to prep you for this $hit! No foreplay necessary! Like vintage Bad Boy Puff – TAKE DAT, TAKE DAT!