Throwback Thursday: Toby Keith – “I Love This Bar”

Country music is straight up. Ain’t no guessin what the homies are gettin at. The titles aren’t some metaphor, or nuanced saying. Name of this video? ┬áSubject of song? Visuals? Know what they’re all about? THIS. COT-DAMN. AMERICAN. BAR!


Humpday Hymn: Nathaniel Rateliff & The Night Sweats – “S.O.B.” (Gimme A Drink)

This song is the archetype of what we had in mind when we started “Humpday Hymn”. Handclaps? Check. Repetitive refrain recalls? Present! Humming hymn here? HELL YES! All that and my addiction to alliteration (see: Monday Mood, Throwback Thursday, etc) of course. So, when Fallon closed the show with a folksy burly country boy shufflin around┬álike some mix of Elvis and Mick Jagger, channel surfing stopped, and one couldn’t turn away. You won’t turn away either after the first 30 seconds, GUARANTEE it. Seeing as it is Humpday, and you’re halfway to the Weekend – GETCHU A DRINK, YOU S.O.B.!