Post 101: I’ll Teach You How To Stunt, BEN!

Here’s a question, kids – know how you eat a whole whale? One bite at a time, lil Benny!

Rome wasn’t built in one day, Benny-Boy! It was a bunch of days. A lot more than 100 days, in fact. Took a lot more than 100 people. Probably more than 100 bricks. So excuse me if I’m not breakin out the $8 champagne on this beautiful Monday morning.  This oolong tea will do just fine. Know where that’s from, Ben? CHINA. Know what they got there? The GREAT WALL OF CHINA. That’s another thing that took a lot more than 100 ANYTHING to build. If you look at a section of the Great Wall you may find it “meh”… maybe not that “consistent or regular”, in some parts.

That high-fashion sweatshirt pictured above? Name ya size, and it’ll be at your doorstep sooner than later as a reminder. A reminder of what’s important. It’s a marathon, not a RACE! [Although… a marathon is technically a race, that just takes way way longer. Sooo yea its a race, but… well, as some overzealous sailor-mouthed jackass aptly put it, “talking about race is pretty *uckin complicated“.]

So, we’ll save it for now.  We won’t talk about your consistent and regular “forgetting to publish” of my unfinished Lorde’s Day ON the sabbath , or your complete negligence and downplay of the serious animal control issues looming in the background of all that our faithful readers need to be aware off.

About that Aaron Hernandez post… you’re just jealous because it KILLED with the people! That’s a pun, look forward to a lot more than 100 of those. Carry On.