Atlanta Hawks Twitter Was WAYYY More Entertaining Than Cavs 3-Point Storm.

If you can’t beat, join em. Or at least, join the roasting… on yourself?

Whoever is the Atlanta Hawks social media manager was clowning his own team better than the Cavs “unprofessional” shock-and-awe pummeling that set the new record for 3-point shots made in a single half last night.
Follow this tweet-trail to find the exact moment @ATLHawks went from “aw man, we gotta do somethin about this” to “WELP… we’re here now… this is our reality. History doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes…a cruel cruel rhyme – LET’S SING ALONG 🙂 ”

Invoking Atlanta’s own Cici with the gifs. That’s usually what they say right before the roller coaster violently throws you off in a loop di loop and you’re dead half way through the ride (or in this metaphor, Game 2) starts.

All these Cookie flavors, and @ATLHawks was already feelin salty

Grey’s Anatomy wit it… or is this General Hospital? I don’t know – I haven’t seen either. That’s just the look the Doc gives you right before he goes in the other room and throws up in horror (trickle back to roller-coaster metaphor up top)

Note the score here… look closer… at the Hawks score pictured… THERE HE IS… The Crying GOAT. No scapegoats for this massacre, though. Everyone was equally helpless and culpable, HAWKS.

@ATLHawks is fairly lit at this point. If the Hawks get swept by Cavs AGAIN – this should be how they teach children in Atlanta to count to 10.

You better put some RESPEK on @ATLHawks twitter account (not so much the team)… ALL TREEs (read: threes)

What happened happened and couldn’t have happened any other way… how does @ATLHawks know? “we’re still alive” #Matrix3logyReference #Dead



GOT EEEM: Shaq Is Mercilessly Cyberbullying Scottie Pippen For Our Amusement.

Shaq is enjoying his summer, but does not have Charles Barkley to publicly troll on national TV as he did during the NBA season. So in his time off “gone fishin“, he put out a ‘gram of bait with an interesting debate out there to start off the week:

Scottie beamed on up for the bite. He just can’t get enough of edifying himself as the great we all know he is. But, he poked a very bored bear in literal hibernation:

*sigh* Bad-Boy, Baby. Shaq can’t stop… won’t stop. eh-eh, eh-eh. Nice visual ya got there, Scottie… be a shaaame if somethin were to happen to it:

So Pippen switched guns, and fired at Shaq’s free throw misfires:

Shaq found a life-long chink in Scottie’s armor, and just kept firing, adding a special shout-out to his old endorsement company.

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The 2015 NBA Finals Preview


It’s been a while since I’ve dove off the deep end into some NBA coverage. But dude… IT’S THE FINALS. LEBRON VS CURRY. MVP VS MVP. Oh man, I’m ridiculously excited. I had to jump back in! In honor of the best two week stretch of the year, here are some key head to head (but not in the literal matchup-on-the-court basketball sense) battles that will decide the NBA Finals. If you possess superb attention to detail you might notice that I’ve listed the Golden State Warriors player first in every title. That’s because they’re the higher seed. It’s also because *SPOILER ALERT* I think they’re going to win the series. Continue reading The 2015 NBA Finals Preview

Top 5 Cavaliers Celebration Videos Annotated With A Letter To Owner Dan Gilbert

Lebron James has a self-imposed ban on his social media and phone during the playoffs. Which is why he uses his wife’s phone to whisper sweet nothings to his BFF like we referenced before.  The rest of his teammates have NO SUCH self-deprivation! They will have their playoff cake AND eat it too, and sometimes that is to our amusement.  Here are 5 times we turnt up with them, but had a thing or two to note about it… Continue reading Top 5 Cavaliers Celebration Videos Annotated With A Letter To Owner Dan Gilbert