Turnip Tuesday: Wizkid – “Shabba” (Ft. Chris Brown, Trey Songz, French Montana)

Word to A$AP Ferg. Afro Caribbean ting pon America

Monday Mood: Kanye West – “Famous”

“Um, yeah. I mean go with whatever line you think is better. It’s obviously very tongue-in-cheek either way… And I really appreciate you telling me, that’s really nice”
-Taylor Swift on phone call with Kanye before song release

There’s always 3 sides to a story… well 6, if one counts the intentions:

kanye west sue me
Tweeted the day Kanye release “Famous video”.

I just wanted you to know:

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Are Head Tattoos What’s In? Like For Real, Breezy?

They say art imitates life.  Let “Take It To The Head” singer – Chris Brown – tell it, life can imitate art too. The hook to that song ends “no excuses, no apologies”, and neither can be present for his latest musing and artful expression. Here’s a video of him with his tattoo artist:

That’s right. He got the goddess of love, desire, and beauty straight to the head – no chaser. *sigh*… Well… that’s it. It’s there, now. So, he joins the ranks of other celebrity notables to canvas de los cabezas (that’s right, some Spanglish in there, for no reason. Word To Trump). Let’s rank our next “best” head tats in the game:

Remember that one time Cash Money Records’ Birdman let his “5 Star Stunna” album title get to his head?

tattoo stunna head 5 star benandsiyablog

But, of course Big Money Heavyweight Iron Mike was the originator of facial recognition:

tattoo mike tyson benandsiyablog

Then Grammy and Oscar Winner, Jamie Foxx Felt left out:

tattoo jamie foxx head benandsiyablog

But he needed to cool it, like the Trap God, Gucci Mane Le Flare:

tattoo gucci mane ice cream benandsiyablog

This one is just to make you smile after seeing all those horrible life decisions, and killers of all LinkedIn profile pictures:

tat gucci smile benandsiyablog


FYFriday: Wash – “Can’t Trust THOTS” (Ft. French Montana)

Couple Things:

1. IT’S FRIDAY! So here’s some guidelines on an popular, but elusive term and breed out there. Wanna avoid them? Wanna be one with class? Is that even possible? Want some? Let’s cover the bases. The unofficial definition of the internet created-term is THOT “That Heaux Over There“. Plural = “thots“. Sentence = “You’re gonna spend all your money buying thots drinks, huh? Sucka!

2. According this song, (presumably should you have an after-party with one or more present), you MUST (i) Take their phone and ID, otherwise you’ll end up on blast on their Instagram [not sure why the ID’s relevant there, but not my song] (ii) Beware of the sleepy-selfie (iii) Have plenty bottles on deck, tis what they feed upon.

3. Can we all agree that this tempo for songs is lazy, PLAYED OUT (therefore needs to be PHASED out, BEN). ┬áJay made the declaration with another fad/crutch a few years back. Since Tyga’s “Rack City“, its been the same “Loyal” chords and drum arrangements through Big Sean’s latest Anti-You jam. Please “Show Me” something different for the crowd, “Don’t Tell Em” its new because its NOT. It’s the THOT of sounds right now.

Watch Rapper Tyga Get Served AT HIS SNEAKER RELEASE!

Autograph, please? You got served!

Question, who won here? The server for posing for a picture after the sneak attack, or Tyga for still tossin up the deuces and still taking the picture?

Chris Brown’s Fan of a Fan partner-in-crime was enjoying launch of his lucrative endorsement deal with LA Gear. Some housekeeping business might have slipped his mind – with all the dates with Kylie Jenner, beef with Canadian rappers, joint albums with Chris Brown – and what not. NOT TO WORRY, LA’s smoothest server found the Last King. He was even nice enough to buy some new pairs of Tyga sneakers, and grab a pic for the gram! #GrandOpeningGrandClosing

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