Humpday Hymn: Sampha – “Timmy’s Prayer”

If ever you’re listening
If heaven’s a prison
Then I am your prisoner

Last year, we put you on game to Sampha’s sultry vocals on another Humpday Hymn “Without”. Since then, he’s collaborated with Kanye West, and written on Beyonce’s latest offering as well.  He’s back on his own solo effort in this transcendent ballad that turns into a dance track midway. Dope stuff from Young Turks across the pond as usual, CHECK IT OUT.


Midnight Snack: Amy Winehouse – “Love Is A Losing Game”

…laughed at by the gods

This is Ms. Winehouse’s most unconscious rendition of her most personal song. No stage. No band. No outfits, and cameras (maybe just this one) to worry about performing for. Just her, music in her ears, and the microphone. Sensational.

Lyrics Below…
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Turnip Tuesday: Skepta – “Numbers” (Ft. Pharrell)

EXACTLY  a year ago we introduced you to Skepta via an electrifying punk-cover of his smash single “Shutdown”.  “That’s Not Me”, “Man”, and “Shutdown” are all riding at the same tempo to make true and new Grime fans comfortable that Mr. Adenuga has not sold out in his latest critically-acclaimed LP, Konnichiwa. That said, “Shutdown” has done all it can do as a single, and its time to move on to bigger and better things.
There is nobody better to dock the Black British Invasion than The Othertone Skateboard P (aka Pharrell Williams).  Much like he did for 2 Chainz with “Feds Watching”, Pharrell laces Skepta with familiar bongo drums to “fuvk up a whole new sound” with. This could do numbers on the Rhythmic charts, and introduce the British to a whole new crowd! MAKE THIS THE SINGLE, PLEASE! #SummertimeAlert

WHAT? Hostage Poses For Most Explosive Selfie Of All Time

We can’t turn a screen on without being reminded that lunatics are determined blow us up at any moments, sometimes in the most cartoonishly cliche ways possible.
Let’s recount this morning’s Egypt Air fiasco’s details, for instance. Hijacking? CHECK. Plane? CHECK. Terrified Hostages? TRIPLE CHECK – errr well, sort of.  One British fellow just couldn’t handle how cliche this Die Hard (or Speed) quasi-villain was.
He just HAD TO GET A SELFIE with this “terrorits”… and guess what? HE DID

ben innes hijacked
Say “Cheeeeez”… fine, I’ll say “Cheez”, you say “Boom” or whatever.

“I figured if his bomb was real I’d nothing lose anyway, so took a chance to get a closer look at it.”

Ben was one of the last 3 British hostages left on the plane after the others were released, and the pilot locked himself in the cockpit, and climbed out the window.

He eventually let virtually all the passengers leave, but I was left behind with two other Brits… After about half an hour at Larnaca I asked for a photo with him as we were sitting around waiting. I thought, ‘Why not? If he blows us all up it won’t matter anyway” Ben recounted the events for The Sun.

If you’re a stickler for the important details, you’re very much like Ben’s mother who pointed it out upon hearing the news of his idiot/awesome son.

All we can say is that the picture is clearly not a selfie as everyone has been describing it,” Pauline Innes told The Guardian. “You can clearly see that it is not Ben who is taking the picture. He’s in it but he’s not taking it.

Damn Brits! *smh*

Monday Mood: Lady Leshurr – “Queens Speech 4” (Brush Your Teeth)

Sesame Street had the right idea, but Lady Leshurr put some grime on it. “is this that dope song from that Samsung commercial dissin iPhones?” Please don’t interrupt, but YES IT IS! The female British rapper’s definitely ‘holdin it down like a Snapchat’ on a big stage in her immediate catapult across the water to join fellow British artists. We’ll see how long she rides out this wave – like how we’ll see about the rest of this week. Till then, smile and Brush Ya Teeth: