Atlanta Hawks Twitter Was WAYYY More Entertaining Than Cavs 3-Point Storm.

If you can’t beat, join em. Or at least, join the roasting… on yourself?

Whoever is the Atlanta Hawks social media manager was clowning his own team better than the Cavs “unprofessional” shock-and-awe pummeling that set the new record for 3-point shots made in a single half last night.
Follow this tweet-trail to find the exact moment @ATLHawks went from “aw man, we gotta do somethin about this” to “WELP… we’re here now… this is our reality. History doesn’t repeat itself, it rhymes…a cruel cruel rhyme – LET’S SING ALONG 🙂 ”

Invoking Atlanta’s own Cici with the gifs. That’s usually what they say right before the roller coaster violently throws you off in a loop di loop and you’re dead half way through the ride (or in this metaphor, Game 2) starts.

All these Cookie flavors, and @ATLHawks was already feelin salty

Grey’s Anatomy wit it… or is this General Hospital? I don’t know – I haven’t seen either. That’s just the look the Doc gives you right before he goes in the other room and throws up in horror (trickle back to roller-coaster metaphor up top)

Note the score here… look closer… at the Hawks score pictured… THERE HE IS… The Crying GOAT. No scapegoats for this massacre, though. Everyone was equally helpless and culpable, HAWKS.

@ATLHawks is fairly lit at this point. If the Hawks get swept by Cavs AGAIN – this should be how they teach children in Atlanta to count to 10.

You better put some RESPEK on @ATLHawks twitter account (not so much the team)… ALL TREEs (read: threes)

What happened happened and couldn’t have happened any other way… how does @ATLHawks know? “we’re still alive” #Matrix3logyReference #Dead



One Video Proving The Eastern Conference Finals Are Already Over

After a relentless splashfest of J.R. Smith’s franchise play-off record breaking EIGHT 3 pointers, the guy who’s record he broke became the straw that broke the Atlanta Hawks back in the last minute to nab Game 1 of the Eastern Conference Finals in Atlanta.

“Coach drew up the play, and we executed to the best of our ability… (when the team is shooting that well, it opens the floor like that”

That was Lebron’s recap of the play, and the team sure did. What started as a basic pick-and-roll move turned into a typical highlight reel for King James – which had Kyle Koerver (and seemingly the rest of the Hawks) flying away from the paint like kitchen roaches when the lights cut on.  Were the Cavs shooting the lights out? Sure. Were the Hawks cheating ahead of expecting a dish to the perimeter from the hyper-aware assist machine that Lebron also is? Probably, but once that train started lugging down the paint in the last minute, it was clear where he was going and Koerver took the “hide yo wife, hide yo kids” approach like “mama, there goes that Monster”. Here it is from a more telling angle:

Unfortunately for Atlanta the one guy who had the heart to be present and contest Lebron defensively – DeMarre Carroll – went down earlier in the game after a knee sprain. Anything less than a 100% healthy Caroll will be a distraction at best: to the abuse the Atlanta Hawks are poised to face the rest of this series. Stick a fork in em, the Eastern Conference Finals are already over.