The Copywriter For Spotify Is A Fucking Goofball!


You guys, check out that last line of the description for the latest Spotify update.  L.O.FUCKIN.L. AM-I-RITE?  Someone at a Spotify needs to march down to the marketing department with a Phillip’s head screwdriver, because we’ve got a copywriter with some screws wayyyyy the fuck loose!  Look at what that GOOFBALL wrote: “Fictitious: This app is a gas at room temperature.”  CUT THAT TOMFOOLERY OUT – AN ELECTRONIC MUSIC APP ISN’T A GAS!

We should all be thankful that they at least came partially back to reality and tagged that little nugget of comedy gold as “fictitious”.   Can you imagine the unholy chaos that would spring from the ground if people mistakenly thought Spotify actually WAS a gas at room temperature?!?! Your grandma would be running around screaming, “HELP! I’M INHALING A STREAMING SERVICE!”  I think we dodged certain doom here, everyone.

April Fool’s Day is long over, but our Spotify copywriter doesn’t care.  They’re going to bring the fucking ruckus all day, every day. I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait to see what they come up with next!