Throwback Thursday: Tupac – “Do For Love”

I should have seen you was trouble right from the start/
Taught me so many lessons, how not to mess with broken hearts/

Happy Birthday to the GOAT

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2 Times 2 Pac Was A Goofball

On this day June 16th, 1971 a force was born in East Harlem, NY. He would grow to call himself Tupac, then Makaveli and live forever on the Mt. Rushmore of a Culture, Music, and voice of a restless generation.  He was also a phuckin goofball!
“Thug Life” reppin,  Death Row, Bad-Boy-Killin, Outlaw is out with MTV for an on-location interview around Los Angeles.  When suddenly he spots danger via a familiar killer mean mug from a… BABY.  Can’t blame him, though. Chappelle admitted years later, that you only see this in the worst neighborhoods. Watch his reaction and ensuing plea:

This time shooting a promo-spot for the classic Yo MTV Raps.  Host Ed Lover is in the background giving pointers, but Pac believes they’re re-casting Scarface. Fun-Fact: Pac was quite the thespian himself, and went to art school where stage-acting was part of the gig. So, he can’t help himself when its reppin time:

Happy Birthday, Pac!

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