Watch Absurdly Cute 4 Year Old’s Prayer From Kanye’s “Ultra Light Beam”

Warning, this might break the cuteness scale on a level unseen since, well EVER. So prepare yourself. Take a seat. Put your drink down. Are you ready? You’re not… but just hit that play-button (or anywhere on the picture) below anyway! May the lord have mercy on your soul.
Out of the mouth of babes…
[Lowkey she looks ALOT like North West Ye or Nay-Nay?]

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The Best Image Of This Super Bowl Weekend Had Nothing To Do With This Super Bowl…


The best image of the weekend is the posterchild for the saying “picture is worth a thousand words” It’s the most iconic retirement image of the year¬†from none other than #BEASTMODE

It was supposed to be the retirement of a certain 2 Time Super bowl Champion QB ON THE OCCASION. But such a quarterback who shall remain nameless is feelin himself right now and bordering on Brett Favre diva levels of coy on the question.
It’s almost like he didn’t just have the worst quarterback rating and offensive yards in Super Bowl winners history. ANYWAY, this isn’t about him.

This image represents¬†a GRACIOUS man of few words.¬†Like their owner, when it comes to those whats on this photo, what you see is what you got. ¬†Hanging up there they almost dare spectators “You know why I’m here“, and promise “I’m about that action!”¬†‚úĆūüŹĺÔłŹ

As one teammate put it “wats understood ain’t gotta be explained…“. ¬†So consider the following a history lesson for your kids, or nieces and nephews:
Those cleats carried the most explosive Continue reading The Best Image Of This Super Bowl Weekend Had Nothing To Do With This Super Bowl…

Watch The Goofiest And Most Awesome TD Celebration Of The Year, Thank Antonio Brown

As Future once surmised, “you do watchu want when you poppin”. Well it don’t get mo poppin than being virtually unstoppable by ANY cornerback ¬†on the field, and ¬†being arguably the best receiver in football (shut up, Julio!). Big Ben knows it when he lobs bombs miles where he knows Brown will reach no matter what, and special teams everywhere better recognize it when they punt to the man. Unless of course they wanna set the mood for Brown and his new found love, the goalpost.

You do watchu want when you poppin

Watch this goofy ass celebration that you should NEVER try at home if you wanna keep your family jewels:

This makes way more sense in cartoon form: Continue reading Watch The Goofiest And Most Awesome TD Celebration Of The Year, Thank Antonio Brown

“Rosa Was Tired” 60 Years Ago And Today

60 years ago today, Rosa Parks just got TIRED! She knew the “law” of the land. She knew what onlookers were mumbling under their breaths. ¬†What they said to her face, and about her when hearing of what she did in that moment.¬†It’s not hard to¬†imagine…

Did she know what that moment in history would come to represent? Historians still debate the nuances. She claims, “Nah, I was just tired of giving in”. That feeling of “fuck it, I’m already unaccounted for anyway” It’s not hard to imagine…

EXHAUSTION. Exhaustion of¬†holding her head up and powering¬†through it day after day after day after blood-sucking-day. ¬†The exhaustion of desperately disparate youth being told “stop making excuses. Do better. It’s not hard to FOLLOW THE LAW” by folks who would not DARE let their kids VISIT let alone Continue reading “Rosa Was Tired” 60 Years Ago And Today

Kevin DuRANTs Getting Old… Like Kobe Old

You know why we STILL colloquially ¬†refer to dope people in arbitrary clutch moments as “The Real MVP”? THIS IS WHY:

Almost a year to the exact day later, speaking to the very media and spectator audience that praised that heartfelt speech, voted him MVP, and coddled his fledgling superstar public image with the velvet gloves of a french masseuse aaand how does newborn baby K.D. feel about that crew?:

You guys really don’t know (expletive).¬†, I’m only here talking to y’all because I have to…¬† I really don’t care. Y’all not my friends.

Some context: That quote was after he was asked about the validity of then Head Coach Scott Brooks’ pending dismissal from the perpetually underwhelming OKC Thunder, Durant lead.
Update: Scott Brooks was fired -_-

For the sake of time, and general apathy ¬†we’ll skip every other DuRANT Kevin has had (get it? coz that’s his name? and he RANTS¬†a bunch?) since those tend to involve everything BUT his notable absence from the¬†¬†NBA finals with a very capable squad. Let’s look at his reaction to Kobe Bryant’s retirement.

Kobe’s retirement came as a surprise to the few people who didn’t realize he had a 1 year contract left, and the Lakers are clearly gearing for a complete team rebuild in the post Kobe era (a VERY Kobe-centric era that included curbing 3 time champ, Shaq – and wasting Dwight Howard’s further dwindling window of opportunity in potential greatness). The expectation was that Kobe knows he’s still got something left in the tank for one more season, and won’t look like Wizard’s Jordan, Piston’s Iverson, or Celtic’s Shaq. Needless to say, Kobe explicitly made it clear that¬†he doesn’t want a Derek-Jeter-style farewell tour where players and spectators are “lobbing him softballs” (and going easy on him). TRUE COLD-BLOODED MAMBA FASHION. RESPEK.
So as this¬†2015¬†season gets rollin, and Kobe’s shooting EVERY POSSIBLE SHOT (not new) but, scoring 4 pts (that happened). Nobody was gonna give old-man-Bryant an “A for effort”. Bryant himself wouldn’t have it any other way.¬†But know who apparently WOULD? That’s right, Count¬†DuRANTula himself:

“He’s a legend, and all I hear is about how bad he’s playing, how bad he’s shooting and it’s time for him to hang it up. You guys (media/spectators) treated one of our legends like $hit, and I didn’t really like it.”

-_- Kevin. GTFOH. Focus on helping Russell Westbrook and¬†matching his relentless efforts. Wouldn’t it be nice to stand a chance in the treacherous Western Conference one more time before this team’s Championship window¬†inevitably shuts? Maybe take a page out of D. Rose’s book, and just quietly collect checks while pitching in when you can on the court. Congrats on your new-found freedom of speech, hopefully they’ve got championship rings in that same lost-and-found box. You don’t have to be a mute, but¬†all your DuRANTS are starting to get old and moot.

Update – Here’s Kobe’s ACTUAL agreeing with this exact post. We know he’s a reader:

Aaron Rodgers Is MVP Honors, Cam Newton Is Honorable Mention, And Tom Brady Is GOAT

Sunday Football came as a necessary entertainment break from the tragic events worldwide including terrorist attacks in international cities, Beirut, and Paris. Every game held a moment of silence for the victims, including Lambeau Field. That’s when some jackass chose to yell “muslims suck!”, with the timing of a Congressman yelling “you lie”.

Well, Green Bay QB heard that and called the fan out:

You get the MVP Award of the week, champ.


Now CAM… you undefeated, juggernaut of a man-child you! I say “Man-Child” referring to almighty Cam because of how much he is man-handling defenses on the line of scrimmage, and INSTANTLY followin that up with being delightfully (unless you’re a defense tryna stop him) childish EVERY TIME. Watch and laugh:

and Tom Brady?

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Veterans Day Perspective: Protesting Is Patriotic

For a lot of young Americans, Veterans Day, Memorial Day, D-Day, and maybe July 4th is when they’re mostly made aware of what the armed forces do for love of country and why that’s dope. Perhaps, that’s why this short yak caught some wind on the University of Iowa’s Yik Yak (THE most American Yik Yaks of them all, I might add. Go Hawks! Stanzi 3:16 ūüėČ )

While I can imagine the perspective the yakker writer was seeing such a protest from,¬†I can’t imagine a MORE perfect time to protest the Continue reading Veterans Day Perspective: Protesting Is Patriotic