Turnip Tuesday: Boyz II Men – “Bounce, Shake, Move, Swing”

You know those movies that are “so bad it’s good”. This is that, except in audio form. Boyz II Men were THE quintessential 90s R&B Group and “urban crossover” Kings (not, 112, New Edition, Dru Hill or any other quartet sand NO… not even JODECI – yea I said it). That was that.
Then, like other guys who’ve settled down, had families, they considered a reunion to hear the hollerin of worldwide groupies with this album which featured an ode to “Beautiful Women” all around – which they certainly must recall cooing at their every crooning. Fair enough. Nothing wrong with healthy nostalgia.
But, then somewhere in the middle of all this reminiscence in the studio – someone must’ve suggested “hey guys, why don’t we give them somethin fresh for the clubs”, and NOBODY stopped that guy in his tracks. They took up his suggestion. Hear the memorably hilarious mistake for this Turnip Tuesday:


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