Watch And Pass This To 2016 Grads And Anyone Asking “What Next?”

As an immigrant in America (let alone elsewhere in the world), one’s life is filled with uncertainty of the moment, by anxiety filled moment. In one way or the other, we all have moments of doubting our “belonging“. Belonging to a certain path, belonging in a job, belonging in a relationship, belonging in this night club, and for many this month – belonging in this graduation gown.
The other day I realized a truth as it poured out of my mouth effortlessly, and how much it had not scared me in YEARS talking to a friend of mine:

“…my entire American experience (better or worse) is defined by predicting uncertainty – that’s my comfort zone”.

For some people, watching peers (often by AGE ONLY) go through ‘traditional milestones’ one by one [1st big job, promotion, home, MARRIAGE, kids – in no particular order] – while you feel you’re barely treading water can be be a little worrisome, to say the least.
(ALSO worrisome is the fact that, I STILL can not swim but, I’m not here for your judgement and this ain’t bout that!)

I read something a friend said that connected to this “belonging” the other day:

“I’d rather be at the bottom of the right ladder than halfway up the wrong one.”

To you, I wish to pass this moment of clarity “amidst the bull$hit” – as public poet, SHAKES put it to me when I ran into him in the streets of Iowa City – filled with graduation gowns for the weekend.

Whether high school, 2 year college, or university, I wish the same spirit for this month’s graduates, and anyone asking themselves, “WHAT NEXT”.
Some of you may watch this 2 minute clip and say “get that hocus pocus nonsense outta here. Oprah didn’t get rich by sittin on the sofa!”. YOU’RE RIGHT… SHE DIDN’T… NO ONE DOES, but you’re missing the glaring point. This isn’t a message of “do nothing”… Watch and see bottom:

Know Your Life Is Bigger Than One Moment (of clarity or cloudiness)