Humpday Hymn: D’Angelo – “Sometimes It Snows In April” (Live Prince Cover)

At the 5 minute mark of this video is the start of the 3rd verse in this Prince classic. It’s also when it all came crashing down in a brief overwhelming moment. D’Angelo and Questlove have always shared a deep affinity for Prince’s friendship, general ridiculousness, and mostly his music.
Knowing that Questo’s in the same room watching him sing “maybe he’s found another friend” is enough to break any man or woman but, D held it together to finish the ballad with help from Princess (Maya Rudolph apparently???). I can’t imagine how heavy it was to perform an ode Prince wrote to a friend gone too soon in April almost 30 years later as Prince’s friend, Prince now being that friend. It was a hell of a palpable sight to see and here even on a screen.

Last night, I mistakenly posted the day’s selection AFTER watching this. My concentration was questionable. You now have a double shot of #HumpdayHymn


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