FY Friday: Kanye West – “Fade” (Ft. Ty Dolla $ign, Post Malone)

A Case For The Smash Hit Destined To Be: 

If he just wanted another undeniable smash single, he could easily work this as another “Stronger” and let it be the inescapable song of the summer it is destined to be. That would give Kanye a shot at his 3rd #1 single, after “Stronger”, and “Gold Digger”, which is NUTS to realize – that he’s only got two Number 1 Top 40 songs at this point.

With a tempo so basic that your grandpa AND your off-beat white friend can comfortably bop to, and no virtually no explicit language, this is every DJ and producer’s dream just BEGGING to be remixed on every single bass-guitar stab, kick drum, and clap! BUT NOOO. Not for PABLO. Damn… guess I DO miss the “old Kanye” after all.

Guaranteed this song will no longer be available for our Spotify ease of streaming for some Kanye reason or another… I feel it Fade:


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