Throwback Thursday: Isley Brothers – “Busted” (Ft. JS)

Go Upstairs, pack ya bags
While ya at it, call a cab!

Long before pals R.Kelly and Usher discovered they were messing with the “Same Girl“, the Pied Piper had a less friendly rival in Mr. Biggs (aka Ron Isley). The two R&B Legends battled in an epic multi-album back and forth struggle of Shakespearean proportions  for the heart of one mystical “Ms. Black Asia”. This would reach its  violent climax culmination in a final epic “Showdown“. Before that final duel however, Mr. Biggs caught his not-so-slick hussy coming home from one of her nightly love escapades, and what ensued was the best soap-opera you’ll see condensed into a music video… BUSTED:

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