Throwback Thursday: Cam’ron – “Killa Cam” (Ft.Opera Steve)

1. Today is the birthday of none other than Dipset leader, Camron Giles himself. Happy Birthday, Killa.
2. This should play on every touchdown pass and rush by the presumptive Superbowl 50 MVP – Cam Newton. It should be playing when he is 1st handed that lombardi trophy by Roger noGoodell. This should overall be Superman’s new theme song. Praise Cam.
3. Opera Steve. WTF is up with Opera Steve? What’s his backstory? Is he Arabic, Latino, or some offshoot of Slovak. Is the “Opera” a nickname, or was he for real in an opera? Is he still in one? ¬†We want answers, but we don’t need them to enjoy… KILLA CAM.