“Rosa Was Tired” 60 Years Ago And Today

60 years ago today, Rosa Parks just got TIRED! She knew the “law” of the land. She knew what onlookers were mumbling under their breaths.  What they said to her face, and about her when hearing of what she did in that moment. It’s not hard to imagine…

Did she know what that moment in history would come to represent? Historians still debate the nuances. She claims, “Nah, I was just tired of giving in”. That feeling of “fuck it, I’m already unaccounted for anyway” It’s not hard to imagine…

EXHAUSTION. Exhaustion of holding her head up and powering through it day after day after day after blood-sucking-day.  The exhaustion of desperately disparate youth being told “stop making excuses. Do better. It’s not hard to FOLLOW THE LAW” by folks who would not DARE let their kids VISIT let alone grow up in the homes, schools, and communities they face day after day. The exhaustion of carrying a skin heavy and thick from the psychological beating it faces everyday with no wounds and scars to show when crying out “ENOUGH” The exhaustion – It’s not hard to imagine today

Tired of convincing folks she lives in the OTHER America that is invisible but side by side with them everyday? Tired of walking on egg shells flinching over her shoulders for the most basic of legally protected privileges that were then “LEGALLY” denied to countless folks around her who’s only crime was seeking equal compensation for their contribution to making America what it was then. JUST TIRED. It’s exhausting to imagine…

At that point of tiredness – debate ends.  Reason has been burned to hardened ashes of disobedience – civil or otherwise. Nothing short of immediately changing the status quo will calm or console the restlessness of an otherwise well-mannered, and patient woman or man. Then or today in 2015. We no longer need to imagine it – we see it in the eyes of the Londons in their communities, and the Butlers in their schools alike.
When dignity has been denied. When it’s only abstract imagination for a few. When good enough for now is no longer good enough, now. The scarlet letters of “criminal” are nothing more than the spit we wipe off our faces.  The label of “dissident” is no different from the water cannons trying to cool us off. Being a “thug” only has the bite of the dogs sent to scare us back in our place.  “illegal” is the ill American eagle squandering its own grandchildren’s inheritance, and eating her young.
When the damage is said and done all the pathetic unoriginal slurs hurled their way have the same effect as police batons unleashed on those that came before them. NO MORE. They no longer have the effect of fear on those who refuse to give up their seats… Because TODAY WE’RE TIRED TOO


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