Aaron Rodgers Is MVP Honors, Cam Newton Is Honorable Mention, And Tom Brady Is GOAT

Sunday Football came as a necessary entertainment break from the tragic events worldwide including terrorist attacks in international cities, Beirut, and Paris. Every game held a moment of silence for the victims, including Lambeau Field. That’s when some jackass chose to yell “muslims suck!”, with the timing of a Congressman yelling “you lie”.

Well, Green Bay QB heard that and called the fan out:

You get the MVP Award of the week, champ.


Now CAM… you undefeated, juggernaut of a man-child you! I say “Man-Child” referring to almighty Cam because of how much he is man-handling defenses on the line of scrimmage, and INSTANTLY followin that up with being delightfully (unless you’re a defense tryna stop him) childish EVERY TIME. Watch and laugh:

and Tom Brady?

TOM BRADY IS THE GOAT. What? You wanted some video evidence to accompany that simple fact of nature? Wanna see this footage of the moon landing, and Jesus walkin on water too while you’re stupidly questioning absolute facts of science and Math? Don’t be dumb. Ignore the noize. Do Ya Job! #PatsNation

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