Throwback Thursday: Clipse – “Wamp Wamp” (Ft. Slim Thug)

This song doesn’t work. At least it’s not SUPPOSED to work! Listen to that constantly ending bongo-drum-roll that starts as soon as it ends again… those stabbing keys are just TRYING to start some sort of riff, but are cutt right off! Except, instead of clicking “delete” and trashing them for some other sound – its like they were just forgotten there. Then when it was time to mix and master the record Pharrell was like “oh $hit! that’s still there? ehhh randomly add a riff there, Chad – like you did for Snoop’s Drop It Like It’s Hot“. AND IT WORKS! COT-DAMMIT, IT WORKS!
Pharrell is┬áthat kid you KNOW didn’t do the reading but, when the teacher calls on him in discussion he somehow nails a made up answer better than every other sucker who read for 4 hours last night. Then he looks around at the rest of the class like “WAMP WAMP – WHAT IT DO?”


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