Humpday Hymn: Pentatonix – Where Are Ü Now (Justin Bieber Cover)

Know that part of the beat Timbaland accidentally mutes the music, and stalls till he figures out the speakers again? You might know it as his staple beat-box-breakdown. Now imagine that, except he never figures out how to turn the beat back on, and that’s perfectly okay. That’s what Pentatonix is – also AMAZING Grammy winning vocalists.
For today’s Humpday, they vocally bounce in and out of the Jack Ü’s bassline foundation for a cover that is easily better than what is an already surprisingly sultry sound by a growing soulful Justin Bieber.

YEA… I gave you space, because I know you needed it to process that last sentence. Shut your brain up, and press play!

Young Justin Bieber broke this down long before the quarter billion views. Way Way Back

Here’s the 250 Million views version Skrillex & Diplo made him:


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