Watch Urban Meyer Earn Godfather Status With This J.T. Barrett Answer

The NCAA never has its shortage of scandals – whether its program wide, or at the individual level.  When crisis 1st hits the headlines, rival programs and fans are usually the 1st to go. “What an idiot! CRAB LEGS? CAN HIM”… then the coach has to respond with condemnation (or a delay of such) of the player and reverberating public opinion.

So, if what college your young star athlete commits to hinges on how the head coach will treat them on and off the field – checkout what he had to say when asked about his starting QB’s recent brush ups with the law (vis-a-vis: driving while impaired):

Impressed? Not everyone could turn a blindside to the hypocrisy:

Some perspective on that, this appears to be young Barrett’s 1st infraction.  While I don’t agree with Meyer’s cheap shot, I’m sure it had something to do with the fact that the crab legs incidence was AFTER 1st round overall pick, Jameis Winston already had been embattled with sexual assault accusations…that or Meyer was just saying whatever it takes to sell his book in Bill O’Reilly’s “No Spin Zone” – take your pick.
That’s the thing, about being Godfather… when your family does it, it’s part of business ie”We’ll carry on” … if somebody else does, it’s personal ie “they gotta go”.


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