Turnip Tuesday: Missy Elliott – “WTF” (Where They From) Ft. Pharrell Williams

Missy “Misdemeanor” is BACK! Nuff Said… actually nah. This video’s too nasty to be passive. Missy is back like she left somethin¬†with the ¬†tried and tested dance-floor dominating, video awards vandalizing combination of Pharrell on the audio, and Dave Meyers on the video. If this joint doesn’t blow up the hip hop charts, its a perfect re-introduction for today’s youths who know her as simply that other chick in the Katy Perry “Friday Night” remix. Gotta hate the youths… the dances they do are so DUMB.

DAT NUCCA PHARRELL DIDN’T EVEN APPEAR… HE WAS A PUPPET, AND IT WAS STILL FLY! Shout out to all the talented puppeteers out there!