Top 10 Dark Humored Posts For Columbus Day

Here are 10 Columbus Day haters we wanna hate with, but also kinda hate on when their own hate ain’t enough.
{Side-bar/Rant The fact that this is still a holiday nationally recognized of the dude who landed in America by accident is mind-boggling. In fact, he never even SET FOOT on what is now modern day U.S.A.  He landed in the Caribbean… bounced around a few islands, then on later trips hit up Central and South America. Look it up, I don’t work for you!}
Anyway…Internet, HATE BETTER, PLEASE!


Maybe the one mildly amusing thing a Motor Vehicle Dept pulls off. Savor this…it won’t be long – unlike the lines. Those are needlessly long.


Viral marketing before the internet (except back then it was named that for the viral infections open wounds from torture would be exposed to). Words have such a way of evolving over time.


Well $HIT… this is a trick question, right?


Not even sure what that MEANS… but, it sounds provocative – like most things written on cardboard signs


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#Repost @shankane ・・・ Each year on this day I recognize the slaughter of my ancestors. Growing up in "The land of Opportunity," I was conditioned to believe that what I was graded on and taught in school was the historical truth. I am always intrigued by the fact that we live in a system that celebrates "freedom" while authenticity, true culture and expression is punished and incarcerated. We are often fed lies based off ignorance. I understand that many of us have the day off because of this important event in history and while we do I hope you take the time to honor the blood of the true spiritual warriors of this land and recognize their unfair treatment and heartbreaking sacrifice. 🙏🏽 #ColumbusDay #1492 #Truth #NeverForget #Sacrifice

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See? THIS is why cardboard signs just aren’t effective. Is THIS what you meant to say, Cardboard guy from #4


Woulda gotten off scott-free if he just invaded Iraq under false pretenses 😉 Too soon? Too soon?


Hmmm… Well let’s try this new American Express. It will have more access to this place’s resources over time, IF You know what I’m sayin 😉 #PillagePointsFTW


Yea, I got nothin for that one just um… let that sink in a bit.


I don’t even like Washington’s in my pocket.


We’re with biggie above us. May he watch over all of you this Columbus Day – till we no longer celebrate that $hit.


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