FY Friday: Justin Bieber – “Hotline Bling” (Call-In Remix)

Okay, I had a Halloween classic cued up, but scratch that – we know what song you’ll be hearing at every party you go to this Halloween weekend. The booty-call anthem, Hotline Bling of course!

But, wait! Drake ain’t the only Canadian with his phone ringin. Couple hours ago, Young Swaggy (aka Please Belieb Me) cocked his instagram gun like:

Then without warning, fired off a shot into dat Halloween azz full of falsetto from a real Michigan number in what is actually a genius marketing strategy.  So, Skip the download or stream on this one. Call in direct to this number  231-377-1113 to hear the tune.

If your phone plan is wack, this soundcloud user uploaded the phone version for your streaming ease:

Throwback Thursday: Nelly – “In My Life” (Ft. Avery Storm, Ma$e)

When Nelly dropped a double album, on the SWEAT side he made you “Flap Your Wings“. On the other side, he was on his SUIT-no-tie-ish. The album was creatively called “SweatSuit” in case that wasn’t clear. Anyway, that proved to not be a Nellyville-level creative success, but if you dig through the dirt – you’ll find this gem bringing in Mason Betha for his first verse in years… before he disappeared again. I still need Ma$e… In My Life.